Week 2 Master Key

The New Creations only power is thought. The ability to control your thoughts is the greatest power the new creation has. That is because the new creations mind is connected to the “Strong Mans” mind.

It is this union which is transforming the inner new creation into a powerful force against evil in this present age.
The new creation has been released to imagine what is possible free from the old worn out useless conversation of letting the world outside determine the world existing between the ears.

To the new creation it is utter foolishness to think that the thoughts cannot be controlled. How then would they be told to hold thoughts captive??

Step into your own plot of land. Feel the rich ground between your toes, the fertile field within our own mind which is intimately been made One with the Divine…Begin by exercising the imagination inspired by the Life of the Master sower and confidently begin to plow up the useless sayings of the worldly wise. And then, why begin to plant your seeds, your thoughts of love, peace and joy that are and were inspired by the lovely Carpenter. And harvest the complete fulfillment of a life that is Christ directed. It is then your path will lead to a destination to which eternity is the end.

Master Key Experience week 1

This course has really challenged me in ways that quite frankly surprised me.

It really is an awakening to realize just how much I have not paid attention to my state of consciousness. The 15 minute complete stillness has made such impact on patience that my days are filled with many challenges but there is a peace and stillness that has emerged that I cannot really wrap my mind around how it works.

What would make me really happy? What do I REALLY want my life to be about? These questions are still being answered. This course really does give me allot of hope that I will be able to get much more clear about what really drives me as a person and what my unique gifts are all about.

Be still??


It has been expressed that it is frustrating to change a outcome if one does not know the cause. I believe I was under the delusion that if I worked on me changing my behavior I would finally have success and “overcome”. But that kind of living is more like quick sand as the more you move the deeper entrenched we get in your own defeat.

The secret is to first direct the mind (conscious mind) towards a definite purpose. I like this one lately, “Be still and know that I AM GOD.” Personally this truth puts everything into a context that helps me see that my bad behaviors are really very deeply ingrained in my subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is where all the decisions are really made so here is where great changes need to be made.

Our concious mind should be the servant of the “subby” but most of us cannot gain the “Stillness” long enough to realize that our problem is one of movement, movements often in the wrong direction that even our concious mind is telling us NOT TO GO.






But IN THE MEANTIME we can have a part in cooperating with God. We can direct our minds, CONSCIOUS MIND, to that which is lovely. Everything which is a good report. Take in all that is pure. Walk beside all the beautiful. Take a mental stroll in remembering a kind deed someone performed towards us. These things will keep the conscious mind busy while God does His wonder of wonders, transforming us into the creations He had in mind when He claimed US as BEING “VERY GOOD”.


The law of success.

The law of success is service.
Your greatest success will come as you are enabled to assist others.

A persons ability to serve is limited to his ability to visualize himself serving. But man has no complete vision of service except in the Man from Galilee.

He is the vision and inspiration of every man who seeks a TRULY successful life.

The Christ life is available to all who take the moral courage to live by the principle of life.

“”The greatest good to the greatest number.”

Fear is the devil.

The greatest devil one will meet is fear. But fear cannot stand in the presence of the Almighty Father. His Almighty calm. His almighty patience. His almighty Love knows no complete comprehension.

If you must let your light shine you must remove the dark clouds of fear from over your head. And this is completely accomplished when you focus your every thought to the acknowledgement of your Almighty Father who sits in perfect quiteness above all conflict. He in Himself is the destroyer of fear.

As one makes himself aquainted with the facts of the Fathers work of joining us to Himself fear looses its power.

2Co 5:18 And all things are of God, who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ.

Eph 2:6 And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus:

Once these realities are repeated by the concious mind and then accepted by the subconscious mind there will be an energetic power turned on from our bellies that will bring life to our bodies and life to those who come into its proximity.

Once this river of life comes on it flows out of the belly and into the atmosphere surrounding our life.

Pleasant thoughts expand this power and unpleasant thoughts contract this power. This power is what the Word calls the Christ within.

Our bodies then become the channel upon which the Heavenly Father can manifest His life and blessing to the world around us.