Master Key Experience week 1

This course has really challenged me in ways that quite frankly surprised me.

It really is an awakening to realize just how much I have not paid attention to my state of consciousness. The 15 minute complete stillness has made such impact on patience that my days are filled with many challenges but there is a peace and stillness that has emerged that I cannot really wrap my mind around how it works.

What would make me really happy? What do I REALLY want my life to be about? These questions are still being answered. This course really does give me allot of hope that I will be able to get much more clear about what really drives me as a person and what my unique gifts are all about.

Author: DAVID

Im a Father and Son. Ive been looking for me for a long time and when I discovered why I was created something changed inside that lead me to the quest of shedding off the old so I can put on the new!! Join me in this process and we can discover together just how Great the Creator really is.

2 thoughts on “Master Key Experience week 1”

  1. Hi David. Glad you found your way onto this path. Isn’t it wonderful when the calm we experience during the sit carries through the whole day? Can’t wait to hear more about your journey!


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