Week 2 Master Key

The New Creations only power is thought. The ability to control your thoughts is the greatest power the new creation has. That is because the new creations mind is connected to the “Strong Mans” mind.

It is this union which is transforming the inner new creation into a powerful force against evil in this present age.
The new creation has been released to imagine what is possible free from the old worn out useless conversation of letting the world outside determine the world existing between the ears.

To the new creation it is utter foolishness to think that the thoughts cannot be controlled. How then would they be told to hold thoughts captive??

Step into your own plot of land. Feel the rich ground between your toes, the fertile field within our own mind which is intimately been made One with the Divine…Begin by exercising the imagination inspired by the Life of the Master sower and confidently begin to plow up the useless sayings of the worldly wise. And then, why begin to plant your seeds, your thoughts of love, peace and joy that are and were inspired by the lovely Carpenter. And harvest the complete fulfillment of a life that is Christ directed. It is then your path will lead to a destination to which eternity is the end.

Author: DAVID

Im a Father and Son. Ive been looking for me for a long time and when I discovered why I was created something changed inside that lead me to the quest of shedding off the old so I can put on the new!! Join me in this process and we can discover together just how Great the Creator really is.

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